Winchester Business Center

Project Description: 

The Winchester Business Center provides close to 100,000sq.ft of rentable space, the design offers an economical solution for our client’s commercial development needs.

The concept applied for this Center sought to provide a simple environmentally friendly structure with articulated features that strengthen the expression of the individual unit’s characteristics  The following features were applied:

  • The use of grass crete pavers extensively throughout the parking bays, effectively reducing the hard surfaces.
  • The use of skylight system to provide natural light to the common core of the main building.
  • Fixed aluminum louvers discretely applied along the entire length of the common areas as vents encouraging the cross ventilation and thus maintaining an ambient temperature within the common area of the building.
  • Large window openings within each space encouraging the penetration of  natural light within the working space.
  • Shading devices in the form of vinyl awnings and metal awnings at the upper level of the main building which provides shade to the glazed openings.
  • The design incorporates a network of soak-away pits, which completely captures the entire storm water generated within the complex mitigating any reliance on the public infrastructure.
  • The use of insulation to all roof areas in an effort to reduce heat gain within the building.

The building form was guided by the need to maximize the parking spaces required for the development.  The saw tooth edge was introduced to provide an individual identity for each unit.

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