Cherry Avenue Residence

Project Description: 

The land located in upper St. Andrew upper scale residential area was relatively flat with a robust guango tree at the front. The client immediately sought to maintain the guango tree, which provided excellent shade and special characteristics to the site. Our design sought to maintain traditional image, which introduced contemporary layout to the client’s brief. Upon entering the residence provides a dominant entry foyer which is double height increasing the residential prestige and grandeur to visitors which connected to the services on the left and the private spaces on the right. As well as opening out to the rear patio of the property which connected the living room to the entry foyer and the family room to the outdoor spaces. Within the services area is the helper’s rooms conveniently located at the rear of the property at a lower level, connected to the kitchen area which opens to the family room and games room connected to the formal dining room. On the same level, the living room, the guest room and the study were all clustered on the right of the main entry. At the upper level, all 3 bedrooms were connected to a central corridor. The building renovation took advantage of the southeast window as well as the northwest prevailing winds that were evident in the evening hours.

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